Pre-Paid Funeral Plan

Few of us enjoy discussing or even thinking about, the day when we’re no longer around. However, more and more people are now coming to realise that planning and paying for­ their funeral arrangements in advance makes perfect sense.

That’s why when someone close to you is choosing a Pre paid Funeral plan, it means they’re not only thinking about themselves but also about you.

They want to relieve you of the worry and financial burden associated with making funeral arrangements at an already stressful time. So please spend a little time to read the following information. It will help you understand why they are making this important decision.

Why plan in advance?

Funeral costs can often cause financial strain on the family. Choosing to cover these costs in advance is the practical solution. A  pre-paid funeral plan means that payments made at today’s prices have the effect of freezing a funerals costs.

Interested in a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan?

In short, it’ a money-saving and inflation-beating way to fund a funeral, offering many advantages over conventional savings plans.

We should all want to spare our loved ones the dilemma of trying to decide what kind of funeral they think we’d want. One of the best ways of removing any uncertainty is to choose a plan that allows us to specify funeral arrangements that follow our wishes. That’s exactly what a pre paid funeral plan is designed to do.

A thoughtful and responsible approach

Not only is a pre paid funeral plan simple and affordable, it also shows how much your loved one cares. Because they’re committed to removing the financial and emotional burden of planning a funeral, they’re providing you with peace of mind, certainty and security. Maybe you’ll consider doing the same for your family one day soon.

Taking care of everything

A pre paid funeral plan has many advantages:

Your loved one has the freedom to tailor their plan to suit their needs. It may be a straightforward plan that covers all the basics, an all-inclusive premium package or one that’s totally  unique.

It enables the individual to specify, in advance, the funeral they want. This includes the choice of music to be played and whether they’d prefer charity donations rather than floral tributes, for example.

Family and friends will still have the freedom to add specific services or personal tributes of their choice when the time comes. The funeral director will be happy to discuss and arrange these.

By paying in advance, the funeral director’s charges fixed at today’s prices. This means that the family won’t face any extra or unexpected costs.

Protection means peace of  mind

All payments made to a pre paid funeral plan are deposited into a Trust. It’s therefore managed independently and securely.

A pre paid funeral plan provider should be a  member of the National Federation of Funeral Directors (NFFD) whose Ambassador is Dr.Hilary Jones. This means that the  marketing, financial and service provisions of the plan are carefully regulated and monitored.

Most providers work in association with independent funeral directors throughout the country, who offer a wide choice of services and excellent value.

Hundreds of thousands of people  have taken advantage of a pre paid funeral plans  to beat the rising costs of UK funerals.